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Edgewest can justly boast of their reputation for high quality service and products.
In all aspects of its operations, Edgewest achieves a customer acceptance level
in excess of 99.9% on all products manufactured.

This has been achieved by the company's decision to establish and maintain a 
quality management system that complies with the renowned accreditation 
ISO 9001:2008. Exceptional quality standards are monitored and approved with 
the use of the QI analyst package to produce the appropriate data charts and 
capability studies.

Quality is an essential element of the service Edgewest provides to its 
customers. It believes it is the company's point of difference and it carries
through this commitment to quality in all areas of its business. Edgewest is 
dedicated to providing the necessary resources, training and facilities required to
continually maintain the high standards demanded by its customers.



It is the policy of Edgewest Plastics (UK) LTD to provide high quality plastics injection mouldings to Customer quality and delivery expectations as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. It is also designed to meet the identified requirements of all of its interested parties.

To this end the company will maintain a management system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 and is committed to its continual improvement.

Quality objectives will be established and reviewed at management review meetings.

This policy will be communicated to all company personnel and will be regularly reviewed at management review for its continuing suitability.



Mr Pete Partridge - Director
Mr Dan Bennett - Director

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